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The South Korean TV station ARTE (no connection to the French one) commissioned us provide two operators and four FS7 cameras for a 4K recording of the Gyeonggi Orchestra performing works by the composer Isang Yun. While living in Germany in 1967, Yun was kidnapped by the South Korean secret service. He was imprisoned in South Korea on trumped-up espionage charges relating to a prior visit to North Korea. Released in 1969 after a worldwide petition by around 200 artists, Yun returned to Germany, spending the rest of his life in Berlin. The concert marked the 100 anniversary of his birth. He is one of the only composers whose works are performed in both North and South Korea.




The Dubai-based pan-Arab TV channel Al Aan commissioned us to shoot a panel discussion with Syrian refugees in Berlin. We provided three cam-ops, camera and sound equipment plus an audio tech, shooting on XDCam. The discussion, moderated by the Al Aan presenter Maysoon Baraky, took questions from a guest panel as well as from refugees in the audience.




Unigryw from Aberystwyth, Wales booked a fixer/translator for a five day documentary shoot around Germany. The film, a portrait of the Welsh journalist and academic Goronwy Rees, is scheduled for broadcast on the Welsh-language station S4C, also known as "Channel Four Wales". Rees traveled extensively around Germany before and after WWII and was associated with members of the Cambridge Spy Ring.




We provided two camera crews, equipment and a line producer for Georgia-based efilms Productions to shoot at the 2017 IBM Cognihack conference in Berlin. We shot event presentations, b-roll and green screen interviews using Sony FS7s.




Remember Ravensbrück returned to Germany with a new round of funding to continue production on their documentary "The Rabbits of Ravensbrück". The film details the rescue of a group of mostly Polish female concentration camp inmates during and after their interment at Ravensbrück concentration camp, located north of Berlin. We supplemented the Atlanta-based production crew with a line producer, gaffer, sound tech and driver, shooting interviews at Ravensbrück and various locations throughout Poland. Stanislawa Sledziejewska-Osiczko, pictured here, was one of the last remaining Ravensbrück survivors, and died shortly afterwards, age 92.





Global Media Desk commissioned us for a camera crew to portrait the top model Doutzen Kroes in her role as brand ambassador for the Dutch lingerie line Hunkemöller. The program is to air on Spanish broadcaster rtve's showcase fashion program Flash Moda.




London-based arts and entertainment documentary specialists ChristieHQ returned to Berlin to produce a feature length documentary on Berlin music history during the 1970's and '80s. We provided a data wrangler and sound person for two weeks of shooting. The program is scheduled to be aired later this year on Sky TV.





Global Media Desk commissioned us to shoot and edit six videos of presentations recorded at the 3rd Biologics and Biosimilars Congress in Berlin. We shot on XDCam HD with a PMW-200 and uploaded the edited films to the client via WeTransfer.




We headed off our annual pilgrimage to Switzerland for another extended interview with Ancient Astronaut theory founder Erich von Däniken. The Ancient Astronaut theory, derided by most scientists and described once by a critic as being "disturbingly popular", has nevertheless loss none of its appeal over the years. Ancient Aliens, now heading into its tenth season, is one of the History channel's best performing series. Our trip also took us to Cluj, Romania, to film an unexplained "out-of-place artifact".